National Marketing

Strategic Print Advertising

Although statistically the buyer of your home will most probably be a local resident of the San Diego Area, we like to cast a wide net in order to ensure we give all those thinking of moving to San Diego and your community the opportunity to see your home and the quality of the homes available. Accordingly we will advertise your home in the publications that are deemed effective to achieving that goal.


Wall Street Journal
  • Color ads within Distinctive Properties and Estates section of Mansion
  • National run in print edition
  • Circulation 1,356,000
UT Community Papers
  • Rancho Santa Fe Review distribution 7,202 weekly

  • Carmel Valley News distribution 17,596 weekly

  • Del Mar Times distribution 7,216 weekly

  • Solana Beach Sun distribution 4,500 weekly

  • Encinitas Advocate distribution 21,818 weekly

  • La Jolla Light distribution 18,115 weekly

Prestige & Unique Homes Magazine

  • Prestige Distribution- 20,000- direct mailed to affluent Consumers

  • Strategically distributed to domestic and international airline lounges

  • Prestige is inserted (in its entirety) into the full run of Unique Homes Magazine

  • Unique Homes distribution 40,000 plus subscription and newsstands worlw


Robb Report

  • Circulation 100,000

  • Distributed to subscribers, newsstands, realtors’ offices architects and designers

Premier Properties & Lifestyles – San Diego

  • Distribution 20,000 (5,000 mailed to high net worth homeowners)

  • Published Monthly

Dream Homes Magazine – San Diego

  • Distribution 18,000

  • Published Monthly

Modern Luxury – San Diego (formerly Riviera Magazine)

  • Distribution 35,000

  • 60% Direct Mail, 15% Luxury Hotels, 15% Corporate, 10% Event

  • Published Monthly

Sweeping Online Exposure

The latest National Association of Realtors Survey found that 92% of all buyers are searching for their next home on the internet first, before looking at print publications or contacting a Real Estate Agent. Now, more than ever, it is important to highlight your home online. To ensure your property receives extensive online exposure, and attract as many prospective qualified buyers as possible, we will syndicate your home to more than 700 top local, national and global Real Estate sites that experience over 2 billion page visits annually. The following noteworthy sites will feature your home to the local, national and global market place.

​National and Local Sites
Agent personal website
2,800,000 monthly visitors
36,000,000 monthly visitors (Wall Street Journal)
35,000,000 monthly visitors
20,000,000 monthly visitors
23,000,000 monthly visitors
6,000,000 monthly visitors
5,000,000 monthly visitors
3,000,000 annual visitor sessions

​International Sites (Wall Street Journal)
35,000,000 monthly visitors
23,000,000 monthly visitors
12,000,000 annual visitors
3,000,000 annual visitor sessions
Attracts visitors from 139 countries

Global networking and listing sharing with 800,000 real estate agents world wide

​Social Media

Social media is the fastest growing source of information for many consumers. We embraced social media as a valuable tool to reach potential buyers and to showcase your home to those seeking homeownership opportunities from social media. Your home will be broadcast on the following social media sites.

YouTube - virtual tour/video will be uploaded to the You Tube sits of both our Company and our personal you tube sites.




Personal Networking

As a Luxury Property Specialists, I have a significant personal network of Luxury Property agents throughout the country and the world. I am able to share the availably of your home with my fellow Luxury Property Specialists.