Preparation for Market Launch

Stage the Home (If needed)

When buyers visit your home, the most critical impression occurs as they walk up to the front door and step inside. I'll collaborate with a professional stager, if needed, to advise us how to stage your home so that it looks as attractive as possible, in photographs and the virtual tour video, and maximizes its emotional appeal to the prospective buyers who will be touring your home.

Schedule Professional Photographer

Images are the key to every element of marketing your home. Our skilled photographer will capture exquisite shots that show the beauty and appeal of your exceptional home. We will take up to 25 to 30 key photographs. Those photographs will be also be used to develop a virtual tour/video that will appear in the MLS and on 100s of strategic Real Estate Websites. Many times we prefer to schedule evening and night shots of your home as they are the most dramatic. Evening dramatic shots ensure we get the highest number of views from our digital marketing.

Create Custom Virtual Tour / Video

96% of real estate buyers start their property searches online. Affluent consumers are even more likely to use the Internet. Our experts will create an elegant online showcase for your home that speaks to these buyers and makes it easy for them to find out more. Features will include a photo gallery, and a virtual tour video set to peaceful music.

Hire Copy Writer (If needed)

To accurately capture the unique details and amenities as well as the emotional feelings of what it is like to live in your home, we may use the services and talent of a professional copy writer. The creative description will be incorporated into all of marketing activities, including all on-line and print advertising and printed collateral materials.

Establish Mobile Text Code

Your home will be assigning its own personal a text code number. This text code will be included in our print advertising as well as incorporated into riders that can be placed on your yard sign, if they are allowed in your community. This code allows a prospective buyer to access your home's information directly from their smart phone and immediately notifies me of their mobile viewing. This notification includes the phone number of the phone they are viewing your home. I can follow-up directly with them to answer questions they may have and encourage the prospective buyer to schedule a time to tour your home.

Design Property Brochure

We'll create a glossy full-color, four-page property brochure to convey the unique features of your home. It will include an emotional description of your home as well as the personal mobile text code, so that buyers can access all the photos and virtual tour/video directly on their smart phone.